Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2Pac Listening To “Hit ‘Em Up” In The Studio (Disses Jay-Z On Original)

Milford Sound in New Zealand Milford Sound in New Zealand 2Pac Listening To “Hit ‘Em Up” In The Studio (Disses Jay-Z On Original) Rare footage of 2pac in the studio listening to “Hit Em Up”, and a rare version of the original Hit Em Up in which he dissed Jay Z. ” Jay-Z was originally insulted in the song’s lengthy outro – right before Shakur says: “**** you, die slow mother****er, my fo-fo make sure all y’all kids don’t grow!” – but Hussein Fatal of the Outlawz convinced Shakur that the Brooklyn rapper had been neutral and the insult was erased, leaving several seconds of silence in its absence in certain remade versions of the song. But later versions of the song do contain this insult. Shitt, Imagine if the original was never cut.. Jay Z wouldn’t be shit! 2Pac had the ability to demolish your career just by saying your name in a slandering way! Lil‘ Wayne would be a crack head, Drake would be a Canadian Dry commercial actor and Niki Minaj would’ve been thenext slut he smashed if he were alive today. After hearing the shit he talked about to Mobb Deep on this track, when I saw them cats at SXSW in March, I kinda had no respect for ‘em in person like, “Lil nigga, get yo ass over here and take a pic wit’ me..” It was that serious.. (1:46 is Pac listening to Hit Em Up) (5:58 mark is the Jay Z diss) From

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